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SACRAMENT: Haunts Of Violence (re-release)

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This was to become the band's second and sadly last album, originally released in 1992. It is more technical than "Testimony Of Apocalypse", with inspiration from Slayer and Death. New vocalist Robert Wolfe has a more shriky voice that suits the music perfectly! This limited edition re-issue comes as a simple digipak edition.
  • 1. Haunts Of Violence
  • 2. Carry The Corpse
  • 3. Destructive Heresies
  • 4. The Wicked Will Rot
  • 5. Supplication Of The Destitute
  • 6. Souls In Torment
  • 7. Separate From Iniquity
  • 8. Seared Conscience
  • 9. Under Threat Of Death
  • 10. Portraits Of Decay

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