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SACRAMENT: Testimony Of Apocalypse (re-release)

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Sacrament was an intense thrash metal band from the US East Coast, and Testimony.. is the debut originally released in 1990 on R.E.X. Records. With europeian thrash influences and one insanely cool soundexpression with armageddon subtitles, this record is high standard 25 years later! The lyrics are Biblical with hundreds of references. This re-release comes as a simple digipak edition, limited!
  • 1. Testimony Of Apocalypse
  • 2. Slave To Sin
  • 3. Hellfire Denied
  • 4. Repentance
  • 5. Valley Of Dry Bones
  • 6. Mortal Agony
  • 7. Conquer Death
  • 8. Absence Of Fear
  • 9. The Risen
  • 10. Blood Bath

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