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SACRED WARRIOR: Waiting In Darkness LP

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  • 90% Rating on
  • #5 in Top 15 Albums Of 2013 (Angelic Warlord)
  • Heavy-weight vinyl for collectors
  • First time ever on vinyl!
  • Includes a 12x12 lyrics/picture insert
  • Includes new vocalist, Eli Prinsen 
  • Includes the classic instrumental Sacred Warrior line-up
  • Classic Sacred Warrior sound in-line with their classic releases

Released in 2013, Sacred Warrior's first new album in 25 years floored even long-time fans of the band!  With Rey Parra, the voice of classic Sacred Warrior albums, now replaced by Eli Prinsen, fans held their collective breath....well, we have all been breathing very easily ever since the album's release, since Eli not only holds his own, but proves to be a perfect fit for the band.  Powerful, crushing classic metal drips from the grooves of this album from top to bottom.  The classic Queensryche sound still present, but with all the hooks and signature sounds that elevated the band to elite status in both the Christian and mainstream music worlds.  Few albums beg for a vinyl release more than Waiting in Darkness, enticing mesmerized fans to yearn for the sweet heavenly nectar delivered so definitively from these progressive metal gods - bellowing through the warm, ultra-dynamic grooves of your turntable! Well, it's here in dramatic fashion with heavy-weight black vinyl that includes a 12x12 insert with lyrics and pictures.  Get this classic on vinyl while you can.  For fans of Queensryche, Master Plan, and Iron maiden.  


Side A

1 Desperately Wicked 5:25
2 Waiting In Darkness 5:54
3 Sinking Sand 3:15
4 In Dust And Ashes 4:03
5 Fallen Hero 4:48

Side B
6 Fear Me 4:31
7 Long Live The King 4:27
8 Jealous Love 4:24
9 Living Sacrifice 4:00
10 Day Of The Lord 3:45
11 Temples On Fire 3:45

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