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SAREPTA: Smokin' Vineyard

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Sarepta is a classic heavy metal band from the West coast of Norway, and this is the band's debut CD album! The sound is inspired by the big classics such as AC/DC, Dio, Jerusalem and Saint and SAREPTA is a band to definelitely check out if you are a real rocker!
  • 1. Gloria Patri
  • 2. Stick To Your Guns
  • 3. Thirst Of Life
  • 4. Son Of Man
  • 5. Smokin' Vineyard Pt 1
  • 6. Smokin' Vineyard Pt 2
  • 7. All My Tears
  • 8. Stop
  • 9. Smokin' Vineyard Pt 3
  • 10. God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You

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