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SHADOWS OF PARAGON: Through The Valley Within

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Swedish black metal the way it's suppose to be played, and reminds a bit of Crimson Moonlight at times. Shadows Of Paragon have been waiting with patience in the underground for many year and will hopefully get what they deserve with this album. A masterpiece and a musthave for all black metal lovers! Comes in a cool dark paper cover.
  • 1. Parabellum
  • 2. Repressed Experience
  • 3. The Ocean Of Inane Thoughts
  • 4. Fear Of Being Forever Lost
  • 5. Fall Leaves
  • 6. Without A Veil Concealing My Sight
  • 7. Darkness Fading
  • 8. Silentium
  • 9. A Franquil Image Of A Wounded Child
  • 10. In The Midst Of The Morbid Darkness
  • 11. At War
  • 12. Kyrie Eleison
  • 13. Dawn Of Insight

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