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SOUNDLESS WHISPER: Breakthrough LP/Purple vinyl

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Soundless Whisper began their journey in 2010. The sound can be defined as heavy gothic rock/metal with complex drums/bass and a lyrical message of assurance, hope and comfort. Zharlie and Fredrik had played in various bands together before, but found this project to become something very special. Fredrik’s main strengths are arrangement, refinement and production, while Zharlie’s main strengths are lyrics and music-writing, laying guitars and vocals. Fredrik’s brother Mikael started playing drums when he was three years old and has been a great contributor to the a-bit-out-of-the-box rhythm compositions. Nathanael was asked to play bass because he is an extraordinary bass player and there was confidence he would take this project to another level. 

While this album has its own unique sound, there is no denying that bands like Evanescence, Europe, Saviour Machine and Petra are some of the influences.

Zharlie and Fredrik grew up listening to Petra and are now excited to be able to present vocalist John Schlitt as guest vocalist. 

There are also quite a few session musicians including vocalist Frank Ådahl who has a long list of credentials including representing Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest with his band Edin/Ådahl and doing the Swedish voice of grownup Simba in the Disney movie The Lion King. There are also guest vocals by Nathanaels wife Therese who has a very pure and compassionate voice.

With powerful vocals together with really personal and meaningful lyrics to recognize oneself in, this album won’t leave anyone untouched!

Svartskog Productions


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