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STAIRWAY: No Rest, No Mercy (re-mastered) CD

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Roxx Records has teamed up with UK Christian rockers STAIRWAY to release the definitive and very special 30th anniversary edition of ‘No Rest:No Mercy’

STAIRWAY was founded in October 1978 at beginning of the NWOBHM era, and has released six full length albums to date. The band was signed in 1990 by Kingsway Music as part of the 1991 White Metal Records compilation CD 'White Metal Warriors' and recorded two tracks, 'Anybody There’ and 'Walk Away' exclusively for that album.

The bands debut album for Kingsway Music on the Edge Records label, 'No Rest: No Mercy', would be released in 1993, and produced by Paul Hodson (Hard Rain / Bob Catley), hailed the band's International popularity and saw it's debut chart entry in the Japanese Import Charts at #48. This is the album that started it all for Stairway and is still in high demand today.

Which led to the only repressing up to this point in 2005 when Retroactive Records would re-release the 'No Rest: No Mercy' as a Limited Edition CD including the bonus track ‘Anybody There?’ which was originally released on the 'White Metal Warriors' compilation. This pressing was released in 2005 and has also been long out of print and difficult to find.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of this classic release and Roxx Records is going to celebrate this significant piece of Christian metal history with Stairway by remastering and reissuing ‘No Rest: No Mercy - 30th Anniversary Edition (1993-2023)’ edition remastered and expanded to become the definitive edition of this classic release. This special edition will also mark the very first time this album has been released on vinyl and limited to only 200 copies AND it will include both bonus tracks from ‘White Metal Warriors’, ‘Anyboby There?’ and ‘Walk Away’. In addition to that the Limited Edition remastered CD version will include both ‘White Metal Warriors’ tracks, ‘Anyboby There?’ and ‘Walk Away’ plus 3 previously unreleased live tracks.

Lets take a listen to the first remastered track from ‘No Rest: No Mercy - 30th Anniversary Edition (1993-2023)’ ‘Battle of Heaven’: 



Track Listing: 

1. Battle of Heaven

2. Spirit of Guilt

3. Bondage

4. Meet the Maker

5. Fly with the Spirit

6. Sweetest Song

7. The Great Whore of Babylon

8. Walk Away

9. Black be the Night

10. Keep the Fires Burning

11. Souls of Zion

12. The Great Whore of Babylon (Revisited)


13. Anybody There? (from White Metal Warriors)

14. Walk Away [Another Take] (from White Metal Warriors)

15. Meet The Maker [Live] (previously unreleased)

16. Fly with the Spirit [Live] (previously unreleased)

17. Walk Away [Live] (previously unreleased) 



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