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STRYPER releases their 9th complete new studio album on the 16th of October this year, and again they are labelmates with Toto, Whitesnake and others at Italy's Frontiers Music. A lot of expectations are flowing around when there is a new Stryper record, and this time it is, because of the previews, higher than ever before! We are talking classic melodic heavy metal with glam factor, but again, so much more than just that! Fantastic double guitar harmonies, tight drums and Michael Sweet's crystal clear voice! YES, we look forward to a new STRYPER album!
  • 1. Yahweh
  • 2. Fallen
  • 3. Pride
  • 4. Big Screen Lies
  • 5. Heaven
  • 6. Love You Like I Do
  • 7. All Over Again
  • 8. After Forever
  • 9. Till I Get What I Need
  • 10. Let There Be Light
  • 11. The Calling
  • 12. King of Kings




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