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STRYPER: Murder By Pride

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STRYPER should be a wellknown name for most fans of hard rock and melodic metal, since they pretty much led the way for the Christian scene in the early 80's. After millions of sold albums and a reunion album in 2005, this is more of a comeback to the classic sound. Which means guitar solos and awesome melodies!

An absolute must have for all fans of rock and heavy metal of every age! This is the US version.

  • 1. Eclipse of the Son
  • 2. 4 Leaf Clover
  • 3. Peace of Mind
  • 4. Alive
  • 5. The Plan
  • 6. Murder By Pride
  • 7. I Believe
  • 8. Run In You
  • 9. Love Is Why
  • 10. Mercy Over Blame
  • 11. Everything
  • 12. My Love




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