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TIM'S FAMILYTREE: Dancing Leaves

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Taken from the band's MySpace site:

Norways's Tims Familytree consists of songwriter Haakon Audun, his wife Anne-Kjersti and his brother Ole Halvard (ex-LENGSEL). Together they form an acoustic folk pop trio, with a musical and lyrical expression that brings hope to the weary of heart, and the strength to the tired soul. Feel the joy, cry your pain, let your feelings dance to the tunes, like the autumn leaves to the sound of the wind. Like us, they too are fallen. Yet with lightness they dance, coloured with beauty - like you.

Released on the fresh label Lystad Family Recordings presented by David and Peter from EXTOL.

  • 1. Moving From Town To Town
  • 2. Like Two Brothers Bound Together
  • 3. The Bridal March
  • 4. When You Smile
  • 5. When I Brushed Against Leonard Cohen
  • 6. Until I See You There
  • 7. I Love You Lord
  • 8. Silence Sings Of Love
  • 9. Pilgrim's Progress
  • 10. Strangers And Friends
  • 11. You Are The One

Lystad Family Recordings