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TROUBLE: The Skull LP/black vinyl (2020 re-release)

Price 239,-
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Quality 180 gram vinyl, insert and download card included.

This classic never looked or sounded better than it does now!

Trouble’s second album “The Skull” from 1985 is a cornerstone of Doom Metal!

Trouble’s second album “The Skull” is not a sophomore slump, it is the shedding of dead skin. In fact, the sophmore slump is a disease that rarely seems to strike in the Metal realm and was near non-existent for any half decent early 80’s Metal band. As bands were being picked up relatively quickly by labels during that time the overall trend was for bands to evolve to a heightened plane as they honed their skills over two or three releases. This is exactly the case here where Trouble emerged from a NWOBHM/Thrash Doom cocoon and blossoming into a soul destroying depressive machine. Now do not get us wrong, we love every second of “Psalm 9” and will stuff that down your throat too. This album is a cornerstone of Doom Metal.



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