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EXTOL: Undeceived CD

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With a potent blend of unrelenting black and death metal energy, progressive elements, and technical prowess, "UNDECEIVED" takes listeners on an odyssey through the depths of the human experience. "UNDECEIVED" is a metal masterpiece that has left a great mark on the genre, and with its intricate guitar work and thought-provoking lyrics, it is a testament to EXTOL’s artistry, virtuosity, and innovation. If you’re a fan of metal that pushes boundaries and challenges conventions, don’t miss the opportunity to own this timeless gem that continues to inspire and captivate metal enthusiasts worldwide!


01. Undeceived

02. Inferno

03. Time Stands Still

04. Ember

05. Meadows Of Silence

06. Shelter

07. A Structure Of Souls

08. Of Light And Shade

09. Where Sleep Is Rest

10. Renewal

11. Abandoned

12. And I Watch

Endtime Productions


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