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POSSESSION: Disentombed Manifestations 2xCD

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Re-issue in 2-CD of all recordings made by this legendary, unique and underrated US Death/ Thrash Metal band from the 90's. Includes their only album "Eternally Haunt" ('95), their two mini CD's "Scourge & Fire" ('97) & "The Unnameable Suffering" ('93), their demo "Mad Crazed & Violent" ('92/'93) and an unreleased demo "The Murtha Tapes" ('95). Comes with extensive booklet with liner notes, band photos and more


Eternally Haunt (Album '95)

CD 1-1 Opening a Doorway Into the Occult (Intro)/Beyond the Grave

CD 1-2 Sounds of Sorrow

CD 1-3 The Mastery

CD 1-4 Legion

CD 1-5 The Return

CD 1-6 Despair (Instrumental)

CD 1-7 Shades of Death

CD 1-8 Steel Jaws of Fate

CD 1-9 Possessed

CD 1-10 Rebirth

Scourge & Fire (MCD '97)

CD 1-11 Scourge & Fire

CD 1-12 Danse Macabre

CD 1-13 Shrine (King Diamond cover)


CD 1-14 The Manifestation (unreleased '98)

CD 1-15 Revelations (Iron Maiden cover) ('98)

The Unnameable Suffering (MCD '93)

CD 2-1 Seer's Vision

CD 2-2 Sounds of Sorrow

CD 2-3 Have No Fear

Mad Crazed & Violent (Demo '92/'93)

CD 2-4 Seer's Vision

CD 2-5 Danse Macabre

CD 2-6 Shades of Death

CD 2-7 The Mastery

CD 2-8 Have No Fear

The Murtha Tapes (Unreleased Demo '95)

CD 2-9 Possessed

CD 2-10 Beyond the Grave

CD 2-11 Legion

CD 2-12 Steel Jaws of Fate

CD 2-13 Rebirth

CD 2-14 The Return

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