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TITANIC: Maiden Voyage LP/blue vinyl

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Titanic - Maiden Voyage (Ocean Blue Vinyl, 2024, Retroactive)

  • Originally 1996 release
  • Epic power metal from Bill Menchen guitars & Keith Miles (Holy Right/Final Axe) on vocals
  • 85% Review rating from Angelic Warlord Reviews
  • Limited to just 200 copies!
  • Heavyweight Ocean Blue Vinyl w 12x12 lyrics insert
  • 2010 audio remixed and partially re-recorded in the process – and Robert Sweet (Stryper) on drums
  • Mastered for Vinyl by Rob Colwell 2024
  • Layout and design by NLTM Scott Waters
  • Titanic and Bill Menchen (Seventh Power, Final Axe, etc) were essential in helping Retroactive Records get started in 2000
  • Also available on remastered CD (limited to just 300 copies)

RRV1686 TITANIC - MAIDEN VOYAGE Vinyl 637405141283 

Retroactive Records proudly presents the first-ever vinyl release of Titanic's "Maiden Voyage," originally released in 1996. This limited edition reissue, mastered by the renowned Rob Colwell, is pressed on stunning Ocean Blue vinyl and limited to just 200 copies. Accompanied by a 12x12 full-color insert, this release is a must-have for collectors and metal enthusiasts alike. Notably, while this reissue features the 2010 remixed and partially re-recorded audio, it boasts the original classic artwork from the 1996 release, providing a nostalgic visual experience.

"Maiden Voyage" is a monumental work in the epic power metal genre, featuring the iconic Robert Sweet of Stryper on drums. The album's journey began in the late eighties with guitarist Bill Menchen and vocalist Keith Miles, who initially formed Final Axe. Their well-received demo, "Beyond Hell’s Gate," laid the foundation for what would eventually become Titanic.

Titanic emerged in the mid-nineties when Menchen and Miles (now known as Simon Tyler) reunited to create "Maiden Voyage." Fast forward to 2010, and Retroactive Records re-issued the album with new artwork, a fresh mix, and partial re-recordings. This transformation breathed new life into the album, showcasing its intricate compositions and powerful performances.

This vinyl edition captures the essence of Titanic's legacy, offering a unique listening experience that highlights the band's evolution and the timeless quality of their music. Don't miss the chance to own this piece of metal history, reimagined and revitalized for a new generation, with the original 1996 cover art as a tribute to its roots.


1        Nightmare
2        You've Got Nothing On Me
3        Gods Of War
4        And The Dead Shall Rise
5        Ocean Of Blood
6        Hollywood Blvd.
7        I Don't Believe
8        Fight Back
9        I Am Watching You
10        Freak Show

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