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BARNABAS: Find Your Heart At Home (re-release)

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On Find Your Heart A Home, the remastered sound gives the album a second wind. The guitars and bass get their due place in the recording. This second album finds Barnabas losing Monte Cooley and gaining two guitarists, Mick Donner and Kris Brauminger, who play quite proficiently. Keyboards become a staple element due to bassist Mann’s love for full arrangements. Find Your Heart A Home has a myriad of rock variation, from the hard rollicking to the blues-infused and even a bit of funkiness.

Drummer Kris Klingensmith shows a growing maturity in his lyrics. From The Conflict Of Desire:

"Fornicate with millions through the lens of 
the camera eye, Open wide for children as 
they stand in the grocery line. Get it on with 
pictures till the loneliness goes away, 
Disbelieving anyone knows….The holy life 
eludes us, a mirage upon upon the sand, 
The passions that torment us, we 
jump at their command. Like the tiny 
fragrant flower that traps the hungry fly, To 
set our soul on things below will choke us 
‘til we die."

Swordsman and Way Of Destruction are a couple progressive rockers that still sound stellar even after repeated listening. The album ends off with the memorable Southern Woman, reminiscent of Jefferson Starship at their finest. A solid album; consistent yet diversified.

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of Barnabas, all five albums will be/have been reissued by Retroactive Records in 2017! The 2017 reissue features a complete remaster by Rob Colwell of Bombworks sound guaranteeing the album has never sounded better. This treasured classic is packaged in a jewel case with a 12 page booklet insert featuring write ups, band history, band pictures, and lyrics that make sure the album has never looked better! Must-have for fans of Agape, Resurrection Band, Daniel Band, Motorhead, and Jerusalem!

Find Your Heart A Home
The Conflict Of Desire
Way To Destruction
Boogie Tyme
Southern Woman

Retroactive Records


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