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Releasedate is December 1st 2018

After a demo and two EPs, this is actually the very debut fullength album by FROSTHARDR from Norway. Founded in the late 90’s they were musically inspired by the oldschool roots of their local black metal bands, but lyrically quite different. Dealing with personal life and faith, critical world observations and an everlasting hope for something real and something pure.

Their fullength is however more than «just» black metal! With doomy atmosphere at times and thrash elements, (there are 2 guest apperances by ex-Vengeance Rising guitarist Larry Farkes), the band takes the listener through a walk in the Norwegian landscapes… Epic metal blended with agressivity right in your face. Pompous, but not symphonic, chaotic but also melodic, raw but still well-done…

FROSTHARDR had their most active live period from 2003-2007 playing clubs and festivals in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, UK, Czech Republic and even at the mighty Cornerstone Festival in the US with more than 20.000 visitors. In the middle of July they surprised their audience with snowmachines and an icecold frosty metal show…


1. Tordendrønn

2. Devastation

3. Varg

4. Ormebol

5. Plunder

6. The Battle

7. ID

8. Warmachines

9. Siste Sukk

10. Destination

Nordic Mission Productions


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