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HERFSTDOOD / HIKIKOMORI: Vergeten en Vergaan

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Herfstdood (Netherlands) teams up with Hikikomori from the USA.

Hikikomori comes from Texas from where Adrian B Fearn brings you his latest project. More chaos, noise and sincere emotion like his earlier works with Lurking Beneath the Sea.

Herfstdood (formerly known as Your Spirit Calms My Soul) is founded by A. (Wapenveld, Jordskaelv, et al.) in 2021. With the completely re-recorded debut "Lijdensweg" is coming in early 2024, this is A.'s take on blackgaze.

In addition to the original EP it contains three bonus tracks: two remastered versions of the Herfstdood tracks which were handled the same way as the album "Lijdensweg" and a demo-version of a new Hikikomori track.

released December 30, 20237



1. Herfstdood - Grijs 05:57
2. Hikikomori - A Stairwell Perilous 02:38
3. Herfstdood - Obscuur 05:53
4. Hikikomori - Simon's Quest 03:30
5. Herfstdood - Side B - Grijs (v2) 05:57
6. Hikikomori - Side B - Muad'Dib (demo) 01:38
7. Herfstdood - Side B - Obscuur (v2) 05:53

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