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ONE BAD PIG: I Scream Sunday

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ONE BAD PIG - I SCREAM SUNDAY (*NEW-CD, 1991, Myrrh) Punk Metal featuring Johnny Cash

This is one of One Bad Pig's best efforts. 

The real reason to get this album, however, is to lay your hands on their cover of "Man In Black" with Johnny Cash himself on lead vocals. The song is incredible - one of his and their best tunes.

Other standouts include "Spirit of Murder," "Never Forget the Cross" and "Wholly My Lord"

Take A Look At Yourself 4:22
You're A Pagan 2:18
I Scream Sunday 3:14
Man In Black 3:00
Not Love Money 4:18
Cut Your Hair 5:11
For A Good Man 4:05
Ice Cream Sundae 2:03
Bird Nest 3:06
Up The Nose 0:55
Spirit Of Murder 4:58
Sober Up 2:42
Pad Thai 0:20
Never Forget The Cross 4:22
Wholly My Lord 3:50



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