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RANDY ROSE: The Masquerade CD

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Randy Rose - Masquerade Sessions (CD, 2024, Behold!) 2024 Mad At the World drummer Metal!

  • Magnificent artist who has released many albums since the 80's
  • Drummer and founding member of Mad at the Word (Frontline Records)
  • Classic Rose albums on Alarma / Intense Records
  • 4-panel digipak CD with 6 panel lyrics insert
  • Also released an album under the name Mothership (limited CD copies available)
  • 2024 masterpiece of art rock and metal for fans of Danzig, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age and System of the Down

Product ID: Behold! – BHLD!01
UPC:  606638704848

Randy has taken things up several notches AGAIN! He has always had some doom/sludge elements, but this album takes it to a different level! This album is HEAVY! The mix/production are top notch! The lyrics seem deeper & more introspective, like he sees things through others’ eyes & writes from that perspective. You can feel the pain, heartache, & struggle. But, he doesn’t leave you without hope. The lyrics are very relatable & bring a sense of relief knowing others feel the same emotions in life

I’ve heard it said that nothing great is ever easy and I found that to be very true. I’m very proud of this record, but it has been the hardest, most trying endeavor I have ever done. I have experienced so much death and pain and physical ailments. There were times that I really wasn’t sure if I would live to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. I’m so grateful for God‘s strength to bring me through and I wanted to personally thank every single Rose fan and Kickstarter supporter. You guys made this possible. I kept praying and pushing through because of all your kind words and your support. This is our record; you guys made it possible. I love and adore each and every one of you. I’ve made a lot of friends during this journey and I’ll never be the same.

Randy Rose - vocals/guitar/bass/drums
Roger Rose - lead guitar on every song except Across the River played by Tristan Avakian and The Masquerade by Ben Jacobs.
Mike Link - bass on Across the River
Jason Ames - bass on All My Strength
Back up vocals - Randy Rose, Joe Giddings and Roger Rose.

1 Snowblind 5:30
2 The Masquerade 5:14
3 Padlock My Heart 5:25
4 Monster Mask 5:05
5 The Monsters Waltz 4:29
6 All My Strength 4:01
7 Across the River 4:46
8 Jugglin' With No Hands 4:21
9 Take Off the Mask 4:20




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