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SCARLET OATH: Where Their Worm Dieth Not CD

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"It is difficult, almost impossible, to completely categorize this trio from Canada. Because the fact is that in the course of
four long songs of a total of almost 43 minutes, you get served everything from slow and melancholic doom that brings to mind
Esoteric , through Enslaved-esque overtones, the occasional moment where they remind me of Morbid Angel, to furious blastbeats." (Norway)

"When listening to 'Where Their Worm Dieth Not' you always have the feeling that time has stood still. Appropriately, the sound is powerful and sounds traditional and authentic."

"Scarlet Oath, like Orphaned Land, has all in the package for being a great and important band." -

"Scarlet Oath have released an album that is something that really defies description."
The Metal Resource

The Charon Collective