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THE WEAKENING: Chains Of Plato (CD - digipak)

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This is a pre-order. CD will be released on December 1st!

Some gems and jewels are simply to good to be hidden! They are but marinating and aging under the surface to be revealed in their splendor exactly when they mean to. This is the case for «The Weakening» and their Masterpiece «Chains of Plato»! Created in 2012, to be released in late 2018 this album is pure quality of swedish death metal, low-tuned, agressive, groovy and brutal. The five-piece gathered from bands like Divinefire, Crimson Moonlight, Exhale, Solution 45, Miseration and Renascent have really made something extraordinary. By joining forces they have created a mighty album that pierces into the depths of your soul. Let the percussional rythm, the fat stringssounds and the guttural growls shake your foundations, and let «Chains of Plato» loose!

The packaging on this release is a real beauty! CD comes in a digipak cover with a 8-page booklet containing lyrics and band photos.


1. The Rise

2. Blood Fuels Destruction

3. Weakening Thoughts

4. System Failing

5. Web Of Lies

6. Transparent Attitude

7. Self Hatred

8. Veracity Progress

9. Awaken To Existence

10. 30 Years Of Pain

Nordic Mission


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