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TROUBLE: Psalm 9 CD (2020 re-release)

Pris 159,-
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Beautifully restored artwork and a top remaster soundwise.

This classic never looked or sounded better than it does now!

Trouble’s classic debut album from 1984 with faithfully restored audio represents everything that Doom Metal should be.

Trouble’s early work and, in particular, “Psalm 9” represent everything that Doom Metal should be (but so often is not). Think about it, here is a band who are really rather diverse, with regard to tempo, arrangements and mood, and are not afraid to break the mould of what is typically expected of a Doom band. For 1984 this is an incredibly contemporary record; it’s Doom to the bone, but also thrashy and featuring some, for the time, modern Heavy Metal touches. At its heart there’s nothing regressive or throw-backy about this record. Honestly, it makes one laugh when stuff like this is called ‘traditional doom metal’; what is traditional about it? Bands like Trouble and Candlemass weren’t operating in an established tradition, they were forging their own sound.

For fans of: real Heavy Metal, real Doom Metal, Mercyful Fate, Candlemass, Cathedral, Judas Priest



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