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  • #25 on Angelic Warlord's Top Christian 50 albums of the 80's
  • 85% Review from
  • Limited Edition Gold Disc Edition CD
  • 3 previous unreleased, thunderous, must-hear demo bonus tracks 
  • 16 page booklet / jewel case with lyrics
  • Includes interview with lead singer, Lary Dean
  • 2020 remaster by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound
  • Enhanced artwork by Scott Waters of NoLifeTilMetal
  • Full sized panel with all-new cover by NLTM Scott Waters
  • Gold Disc Edition front cover features the original classic cover


Let us take you back in time to the 80's. Open the wardrobe and grab your spandex trousers, look in the mirror and get the spray ready to make that hair big! Trust us - just close your eyes and take a super-charged spaceship back to the glory days of hard rock and heavy metal smack-dab in the middle of 1987! The music on Celestial Messenger is exquisite - featuring thundering bass lines, wickedly righteous guitar riffing, and drumming perfection while all being tied together with the silky-sweet Geddy Lee inspired vocals of Lary Dean.  One listen to the remastered magic of this classic album and we were instantly hooked just like 30+ years ago when we bought the cassette at our local Christian bookstore!  The Rush-inspired synthesizers cannot be overlooked as they continue to be a critical part of Trytan's progressive rock masterpiece that has aged like a fine wine over time.  As an added treat, Retroactive Records worked with the band to come up with three must-hear bonus tracks from Trytan demos and wow - wow - and more wow are they progressive rock round-house kicks - one after the other.  While they are demo tape tracks, the music is top-shelf elite and the kind of songs you want to listen to repeatedly.  Tryan proves this band knows how to balance melody, musicianship, jams, complexity and hooks with progressive rock finesse.  The 2021 Gold Disc Remaster is the quintessential CD reissue of this revered classic.  This CD reissues comes with the strongest recommendation possible.  It is elite in every way and comes with a Trytan foil-stamped trading card.  For fans of Kansas, Rush, Balance of Power, Threshold, Jacobs Dream, Veni Domine.

1 Gettin' Ready 3:44
2 Don't Turn Away 4:08
3 Mr. Electric 5:14
4 It's War 5:19
5 Rip Van Winkle 4:22
6 Chains 4:47
7 Nowhere To Run 4:57
8 Genesis 7:07
9. In the Distance (demo) (bonus track)
10. The Goat (demo) (bonus track)

11.  Waiting Forever (demo) (bonus track)

Retroactive Records


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