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XL & DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR: Offensive Truth 1&2 (2xCD)

Pris 199,-
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Brand new Limited Edition pressing of only 500 pieces on  a beautiful 2 disc CD set of the brand new XL & DBD albums entitled ‘Offensive Truth Volumes 1&2’ with 4 brand new previously unreleased tracks being added to this special pressing.

This release is also packed with tons of special guests including Oz Fox (Stryper) Jimmy P Brown II (Deliverance) Michael Phillips (Deliverance) Jim Chaffin (Deliverance, The Crucified) Rex Carrol (Whitecross) Jesse Sprinkle (Demon Hunter) and Greg Minier (The Crucified)

Jewel Case edition with full 16 page booklet including all lyrics. 

Track Listing:

Disc 1 - Volume 1

1. One More Murder
2. In Need Of Therapy 3:46
3. Devastated (featuring Jimmy P. Brown II) 2:30
4. Best Friend, Worst Enemy (featuring Oz Fox) 3:09
5. Because Of This (featuring Jesse Sprinkle) 3:30
6. Rapist (featuring Greg Minier) 3:17
7. The Stereo 3:20
8. Be A Real Man (featuring Anthony Stevens) 4:05
9. The Wilderness (featuring Jimmy P. Brown II) 3:13
10. The Wrath To Come (featuring Joel Goodwin) 3:03
11. Yeah I Know Right 3:23
12. Last Chance

Disc 2 - Volume 2

1. No More Cheatin'
2. Going After Money 3:11
3. Failure 3:24
4. Methamphetamine (featuring Rex Carroll) 2:53
5. Daddy's Too Friendly (featuring Jimmy P. Brown II) 4:17
6. Corporate Elite (featuring Jimmy P. Brown II) 3:34
7. Dead By 45 4:07
8. My Hour Of Desperation (featuring Jim Chaffin) 5:13
9. Armed For Battle (featuring Anthony Stevens) 3:30
10. The Wretched 3:15
11. Quit Drinking 3:57
12. Just

Roxx Productions


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