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JERNLOV: Resurrection CD

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Jernlov returns with ferocity and elegance hand in hand on their sophomore album ‘Resurrection’! Modern melodic black metal weaving elegantly between the brutal and melodic approach to give the listener a carefully crafted and unique experience. The album features an astonishing list of guest musicians from well known bands such as Antestor, Slechtvalk, Sacrificium and Renascent. This skillful guest list on the album gives all the tracks a unique touch.

The music is reminiscent of 00’s era symphonic black metal from Dimmu Borgir, Cor Scorpii, Antestor and Borknagar, sprinkling a pinch of piano and clean vocals on top of the harsh vocals and cold riffs. The lyrics have a personal character and revolve around themes such as desperation and sorrow, serving as an outlet of frustration during the hardest times in life. Contemplating the solidness of the foundations in our lives, the lyrics are unusually powerful in a genre where lyrics quickly can become bland.


1. Resurrection
2. Though I’m A Wicked Servant
3. Lost Direction
4. Disciples in the North
5. Fortapt
6. After You’re Gone
7. Salvation
8. Faith
9. A King in Perpetuity
10. The Final Prayer

Nordic Mission


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