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PUDDLEGUM: Where The Wondering Got Us CD

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Roxx Records is very excited to bring you some new rock n roll! Tired of the blaring, screams of Metal? Need to take a break and listen to some killer rock n roll with feeling and soul? Well look no further we are excited to bring you this latest slab of straight ahead rock n roll from PUDDLEGLUM

Puddleglum started in the middle of Missouri in 1996. For 5 years, the band toured the midwest while writing a lot of songs and recording a few. They thought they'd played their final show in 2001. Then, in 2021, the dream of a new album got them all into the studio again in the spring of 2022. Where the Wondering Got Us is an album 20 years in the making. The studio was magic and the fire for creation was sparked again. Even as the album releases, Puddleglum is hard at work writing new songs for the audience that has known them for 25 years and the audience that is discovering them now for the first time. 

Track Listing

1. Everlasting Love

2. All I Ever Do

3. You Know the Drill

4. Five Fingers and Five Toes

5. The One Who Needs to Change

6. The Welcomed Never Overstays

7. Do You Really Want to Get Well?

8. Everybody's Sick

9. Utopia for Sale

10. In the Land of Knights

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